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Let's start with things on the lite side......

Makes being SQUARE Cool
Makes COBBINESS acceptable
Makes UGLINESS an Asset
Makes SNORING a comforting Sound
Makes COMPANIONSHIP meaningful
Makes HUMOR an Art form
Makes WRINKLES fashionable!
by LGR

Sunshine among the Gloom
Happiness among the Sadness
Hope among the Despair
Laughter among the Tears!


In just six days, in order to begin it,
God made the world and everything in it.
And after he rested, he said with a start,
"Whatever shall I do with these leftover parts?"
"When I decided to make creatures to travel two by two
And populate the world, I thought my work was through.
But my order got mixed up somehow I found out with a shock,
All my creatures are completed, but there's parts left in the box!
There's noses and toeses and things that look like roses
And eyes that melt your heart away-You think anyone supposes
There's enough left in the box, that with lots of glue and stuff
Another creature can be made that would be good enough?"
So God summoned Gabriel, who said "Now don't you fret,
Let's stick the parts together and see what we get."
The angels put their aprons on and spread the parts around,
And soon another creature appeared there on the ground.
Four tiny legs stuck on a sausage bod,
A piglet's tail on one end, the other just as odd.
Just a mass of wrinkles where a face should be
And the nose put on inside out-least it looked that way to me.
When God surveyed the results, he said "T'would do no harm
To give this funny little thing an extra dose of charm.
And since the pint sized hearts are gone a lion's heart will do
For this mini creature that thinks she's 6 foot 2."
So now the story has been told and it gives my heart a tug
To learn just how she came to be, this thing we call a Pug.
-author unknown


And now let's get a little more serious.......

The Pug is well described by the phrase "multum in parvo" which means "a lot of dog in a small space."  The Pug is the largest member of the well known Toy Group. With an average weight of 14 - 18 pounds, they are definitely more than a handful of dog. The Pug has a square, stocky compact, body, with a sleek, soft coat that comes in fawn or black.  They have a short, flat, black muzzle and velvety ears.  Button shaped ears are preferred. Moles on the cheeks are considered beauty spots. The eyes are prominent, expressive, dark and lustrous. The teeth should meet in a slightly undershot bite. The back is short, with a level topline. Their tail lays in a tight curl, or in the best specimens, a double curl on the back. Their limbs are straight and strong which gives them a  jaunty, rolling gait that is quite distinctive.  Life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years.  They are known for their even-tempers, playful personalities, and their outgoing, loving dispositions.  A Pug should be square and cobby and comes in fawn or black, with a well-defined "mask" on his muzzle.  

One of the older breeds, the Pug is believed to have originated before 400 BC in Asia.  Pugs were a favorite of the artist Hogarth, who included his pet Pug "Trump" in several of his works. From the sixteenth century, it became a fashionable adornment of the European Courts, reaching its peak of popularity in Victorian times. He was a pet at Tibetan monasteries and later traveled to Japan. The Pug then came to Europe, where the endearing little dog was the pet of royalty in several countries and even became the official dog of the House of Orange in Holland. A Pug saved William, Prince of Orange's life by alerting him to the approaching Spaniards in 1572 at Hermingny. Napoleon's wife, Josephine, sent secret messages to her husband under the collar of her Pug while she was in prison. When the British overran the Chinese Imperial Palace in 1860, they discovered several Pugs and Pekinese, and brought the little dogs back to England with them. The AKC recognized the Pug in 1885 and the breed has since become a popular companion dog. Some of the Pug's talents include: watchdog and performing tricks.

Pugs are stressed by hot and cold weather. They tend to overheat quickly. They are prone to allergies and the short muzzle contributes to chronic breathing problems. There is a chance of keratites (inflammation of the cornea) and ulcers on the cornea. The delicate eyes are prone to weeping and injuries. This breed tends to wheeze and snore.  Do not overfeed a Pug, as they will eat more than is good for them, quickly becoming obese and living much shorter lives. Prone to skin problems. Pone to Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE), an inflammation of the brain that strikes adolescent Pugs usually between the ages of 2 and 3.  Currently the cause is unknown and there is no cure.  On the whole the Pug is an easy to care for dog. 

Pugs are strong dogs with short straight legs. They need to be taken on daily walks. They enjoy energetic games and will keep in better health if given regular exercise. But be careful not to over do it, especially if you see them start to wheeze.

The smooth, short-haired coat is easy to groom. Brush and comb with a firm bristle brush and shampoo only when necessary. The large and deep wrinkles on the face must be cleaned regularly.  Pugs shed all year but are a seasonally heavy shedder.


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