The CASULL Boys  


Pennwood's Evening Emerald
Our foundation dog.
August 11, 2007 - August 26, 2017
CH Freedom's Black Magic X L&J's Strawberry Sundae

Brady was a solid boy with a great attitude.  He is the sire of my first litter that
produced six lovely pups, two of which became AKC Champions.  He was a
momma's boy and slept with me every night!  I miss him dearly, dogs like Brady
are few and far between.  God Speed my baby boy, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!!     


CH Casull's First Impressions

December 10, 2008
Pennwood's Evening Emerald X CH Freedom's Lady of Casull

Casull Pugs first home bred puppy to get a point towards his AKC Championship.
How the heck did he get the name "Purpie??"  When my puppies are born I paint a
small spot on them with nail polish so I can keep track of their progress.  His color
was purple and as he began to grow and become independent we started calling him
"Purpie," "Purpadepurp." and "Pur" when we wanted his attention. We joked that
we should stop calling him that because he'd start coming to it and yep he does
so that's his name........... "Purpie!"   Purpie has nice bone, great movement, clear
coat and a lovely head.  After thinking I was going to lose him at four weeks I am
very proud of him and his accomplishments.

 CH Casull's Port Of Call
August 7, 2009
CH Coral Bay's Super Hero, ROM X CH Freedom's Lady of Casull, ROM
What can you not love about Nicolas!!  He has a lovely clear coat like his mother,
a beautiful large head full of wrinkles, wonderful black pigment and a personality you
just can't get enough of!  He's a love-bug and a little comedian!  His first show out
and he picks up both of his majors needed for his Championship. Before he finished
he won a Best of Breed over an Open dog, Nicolas was only a puppy at the time.
Also as a puppy he won Best Bred By Exhibitor and a Best Bred By Exhibitor
Group 1.  Nicolas finished easily in 3 months.  He's been mostly retired from showing
while we waited for him to mature.  We brought him out with limited showing as a
Special and he already has earned his first Select towards his Grand Championship title.      



Montana Moosetrax
November 16, 2005
King Rock Chong X Madame Cloey of Woodland's

Luke is the first Pug that entered our hearts and lives.  He is the reason we are
Pug-O-Holics!  He passed his Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog tests at
the tender young age of just 11 months.  He's graduated from many classes in
obedience and has done great in agility.  



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